Congratulations on your Decision to be married!

If going to the courthouse and standing in front of a judge is not a part of how you wish to begin your everlasting marriage journey, please read on.

Making couples happy on their wedding day is our main priority.

Everlasting Journeys is a mobile wedding officiant service which travel to your specific wedding locations within the local area. If it’s a destination wedding you’re seeking, we can do that too, there are everlasting possibilities around the world filled with excitements and beauties!  Coming to Everlasting Journeys for a destination wedding and don’t have a trusted clergy connection, between churches and haven’t met a qualified wedding officiant, minister, judge, wedding pastor or priest to perform the marriage ceremony? If you do not belong to a church or know a friendly minister to perform your wedding ceremony, you have come to the right place.

Some couples may have different faiths or might not even ‘be religious,’ but would enjoy the celebrating services of a caring, open-minded, dignified, and creative wedding minister. Our romantic, unreligious civil wedding ceremonies are among the most appreciated and enjoyed! You’ll never find us judgmental or imposing any beliefs.

As an Ordained and License minister, we offer to perform a religious or non-religious ceremony.

  We perform all types of wedding ceremonies:

  • Traditional ceremony
  • Religious ceremony
  • Vow renewal ceremony
  • Same-Gender ceremony
  • Destinations ceremony

Everlasting Journeys will help you plan a wedding that is procure from your love and commitment to each another. Your customized wedding ceremony reflects the couple as a unit and everyone’s personal style.  This is “your” day and therefore, “your” vows and the rituals of “your” choosing, we are here to assist, not force you as you create your everlasting journey. 

Marriage is a serious commitment; your wedding is a celebration of two; blending of families and friends as they witness and share in your celebration of love. 


We promise to make your ceremony and/or event an "Everlasting Journey!" 


If you would like to book or simply inquire, please fill out the information on the Contact Us page and we will promptly reply OR Text/Call 602.471.5179 to speak with us directly!


We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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