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I was born and raised as a Catholic in Detroit, Michigan in 1960. I’m the 7th of a family of nine, 6 sisters and 2 brothers. I had the privilege of being raised by a strong religious mother whom was married to my father for 35 years upon his passing in 1975. My mother never re-marries, and she went on to receive her wings in 1997. I’m a proud mother of 1 adult son. I migrated to Roswell, GA in the summer of 2006, where I resided there for 10 years before relocating to Arizona in 2016.

I am a servant of God first. I am giving, humble, fun, committed and kind-hearted. I received my calling at the early age of 13 and became a missionary at age 16. God commanded his children to preach the good news of his Kingdoms to all. I was like a sponge absorbing the knowledge of God. Every chance I took it to speak on God. I was so inspired that I was ordained as a minister of God’s word at age 19. I went on to serve in the US Navy. I have BS in Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology. I was all about being a faithful servant of God. I’m not perfect by no means, but I love God.

I received my minister’s license from one of my home church, Victory for the World Church of Stone Mountain, GA under Senior Pastor Kenneth L. Samuel in 2014. I went on to be a minister at Rehoboth Fellowship of Atlanta Church under Pastor Troy Sanders in 2015. And now I’m here in Mesa, Arizona as your Mobile Wedding Officiant and owner of Everlasting Journeys. I have the knowledge and hands-on training in various fields of Baptist and non-denominational ministries necessary to successfully perform various types of weddings and other services.

Many people have asked me why a wedding officiant? Well, I was called to minister to God’s children since I was 13 years old. I spent my earlier years as a missionary and former years as a pulpit minister preaching God’s word to all who listens. I feel it an honor to bring two people together under God’s watchful eyes of approval. God never intended for his children to be alone.

Again, I feel it an honor to God to bring together couples seeking an everlasting journey through marriage.

So, I hope you choose Everlasting Journeys to perform the one becoming two celebrations.


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 I'm a professional Makeup Artist since 2015. I currently work for MAC as a makeup artist. I work with all races and complexions. I look forward to working with you on your special day.